A Message from Angie Cole, SMPS Oregon Chapter President as We Enter 2021

Dear Fellow SMPS Oregon Members,

As we watched the events unfold in the U.S. Capitol Building, I wanted to reach out to you all to let you know I share in the angst, frustration, fear, and dismay that I’m sure many of you are feeling. The events that occurred on January 6th, have been nothing short of shocking and sickening and do not live up to the virtues that our nation was founded on.

SMPS is a marketing and business development non-profit, not a political organization, yet we live, work, and lead through unprecedented times where our daily lives and many of the human right issues that we are passionate about have been politicized.  During a tumultuous summer we saw the American people take to the street and demand recognition that Black Lives Matter and the inherent inequities that exist in our country. In an effort to aid this movement we created the J.E.D.I. initiatives to help provide training and education to our members.

The events that occurred on our nation’s Capital have demonstrated that we still live in a society which is split in two systems, a system that views the unfounded grievances of a mob of, mostly, white individuals as a justified reason to riot, and one that views the pursuit of justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion as a threat.  The definition of privilege is thinking that something is not a problem because it doesn’t affect you personally.  The events that unfolded clearly demonstrated the privilege of knowing that the color of our skin determines how each of us can engage with society.

It is sad that the attempted insurrection has cast a shadow over the incredible DEI achievements currently taking place in our nation.

  • The inauguration of the first female vice president and person of color.
  • The intentional decision to create the most diverse cabinet in our history.
  • The first black pastor and the first Jewish person to represent the state of Georgia in the Senate.
  • And a little closer to home, Portland will build new homes and business incubator designed to benefit black Portlanders.

These victories highlight the tremendous progress that is being made in the fight for equality during these dark moments and show us that change is possible, and the will of the people will prevail. We as an organization will continue to support any and all endeavors that seek to promote diversity, fairness, and equality.

With the pandemic continuing to rage into 2021 and social unrest on the rise, I understand that this can take a toll on our mental health.  SMPS Oregon continues to support all of our members though:

Educational Events

  • RFP Writing Workshop - January
  • DEI Education Event – February and May
  • Design-Build Partnerships – March and May
  • RFP Panel Discussing Tips and Tricks for Improving Sustainability and Diversity at Your Firm April

Personal Recognition

  • Marketing Excellence Awards – promoting the members and work that has been completed in the last year
  • Monthly MVP Awards – recognizing a chapter member that goes above and beyond for the chapter
  • Social Media Board and Member Spotlights
  • Past Presidents Council – April

Professional Growth and Networking

  • Market Mixer - June
  • Boards, Bags, and Brews - July
  • Quarterly Member only Happy Hour – February and May
  • Fireside Chat providing transparency on the happenings of the chapter – March
  • Build Business – August

Member Giveback

  • Member Trivia - February
  • New Member Coffee – January and April
  • Utilization of Slack
  • Membership Grant
  • Lynn Parsons Education Scholarships
  • Chapter Volunteer Celebration

I encourage all of you to engage with our chapter and all of the opportunities we have available to help support our members.  Please know that our main goal for the chapter is to support our members so please reach out if I or SMPS can be of assistance.


Angie Cole, MBA
2020|2021 SMPS Oregon President
Marketing Director | Lorentz Bruun Construction | [email protected]



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