February Favorite Five

We have scoured the internet so you don’t have to. Check out our five favorite A/E/C marketing articles from February 2021.

Growing a Valued Professional Network | Adam Elzen
“Here is four pieces of advice for any apprentices wondering how to start or where to look for potential networking opportunities. As he looked back at them, he realized that this may be good advice for all in the industry to be reminded of, no matter where we they in their careers.”

How to Turn a Case Study into a Customer Success Story | Gabi Theard
“Expression, passion, style, persuasion, authenticity. These five elements encompass a customer success story — a transformation from a regular case study to an enticing piece of content that encourages a reader to explore what your company has to offer.”

Making the Hybrid Workplace Fair | Mark Mortensen and Martine Haas
In order for them to work, though, leaders must understand the power differentials they create within teams and take steps to level the playing field.

A Simple Compliment Can Make a Big Difference | Erica Boothby, Xuan Zhao, Vanessa K. Bohns
“There is ample evidence that giving someone else a boost, whether giving compliments or expressing gratitude, has a mood-lifting effect and contributes to well-being.”

 How Superstar Marketers Use Data to Drive Decisions (And the Results) | Rachel Go
“Sometimes marketers will try something new out of desperation, because what worked before isn’t working now.”

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