This week’s Marketing Excellence Award winners are…

This week’s Marketing Excellence Award winners are…

Communications Award for Internal Marketing goes to…


What the judges had to say:
“This program was a clear success and was executed with skill at every level.”
“Marketing tactics were nicely laid out in the target audience section of the word document. Excellent work.”
“I love what this effort seeks to accomplish. We (as an industry) need more of this.”
“Totally outside of the traditional marketing box. Way to ‘transform business through marketing leadership.’”

About this award:
The Marketing Communications Award for Internal Marketing is given to the individual or team who have proven to be skilled communicators with the ability to effectively convey their message and promote the company’s operational initiatives.

Headliner Award for Marketing Advocate of the Year goes to…

Chris Young of MurraySmith

What the judges had to say:
“Chris makes time to meet with marketing and work alongside them. He understands the skillset they provide may be valuable to him, the firm, and his clients.”
“Chris made a point during the call to give kudos to the marketing team for their hard work, and for inspiring him to take his presentations to the next level.”
“Chris pushes for marketing to be involved in the strategic development of pursuits and pre-position.”
“Chris seems to be an advocate that any Marketer would enjoy working with. If only all technical staff were like Chris!”

About this Award:
This award is given to a non‐marketing professional who is a key advocate and champion for the marketing department within their firm. This award will be given to the individual who recognizes and helps advance the roles that marketers play in their organization and market.

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