Breakfast & Learn Recap: What to Know about the Marketing Excellence Awards

In preparation for the 2019 Marketing Excellence Awards, the Special Events Committee hosted a Breakfast & Learn to share tips and tricks on how to get the judge’s attention this year. A panel of past judges and winners were invited to share their experiences and answer questions:

What is a board/where can I find the template for my submission?

A board is for the communications awards. An InDesign document will be available to download off the Marketing Excellence Awards page on the SMPS Website.

What is the format/ required elements for successful submission?

Submissions will be online, and you can attach your board as a PDF file.

What is the deadline for submissions?

March 29, 2019.

Are there fees for submission?


How will I know I have submitted successfully?

You will be directed to a thank you page and a confirmation email will be sent.

Can I change my submission after submitting?

We know you will be putting a lot of time and energy into these, so we ask that you please make your final submission on the website.

Can I submit/be nominated for more than one category?


Can I nominate myself?


If I worked on an event/piece that went out to one of my firm’s satellite offices, can I still submit that for Oregon?

Yes, if this is something you worked on as a member of the Oregon chapter.

The biggest piece of advice was to include metrics! This year, judges will be keen on looking for quantitative details to support all submissions. This is the time to showcase all the amazing work you do for your firm - be proud and be specific!

Links to the submission forms can be found on the Marketing Excellence Awards event page.

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