What's It Like to Be in the CPSM Boot Camp?

In honor of CPSM Week (February 11-15), we're giving a shout out to all of our recent graduates of the CPSM Boot Camp program. Offered by SMPS Oregon as a free resource for members, the boot camp was led by Stacey Ho, CPSM, and helped participants study for the CPSM exam alongside a group of their peers. Each meeting was facilitated by CPSM-certified members who guided participants through the important concepts and key terms to study for each of the 6 domains of marketing. Along the way, boot campers received tips and tricks for preparing for the exam. 

Recent participants of the program shared what the boot camp experience was like:

Hilary Jones
Senior Marketing Coordinator

Interface Engineering Inc.

What is the biggest benefit of participating in the CPSM Boot Camp?

I learned a lot about the industry and felt like talking through real-world examples and situations related to the practice questions was invaluable in helping me gain greater understanding of the material.

Would you recommend the CPSM Boot Camp and why?

Yes – the accountability and encouragement from facilitators and fellow roundtable members made slogging through the reading and practice tests less overwhelming.

Provide one word that describes the CPSM Boot Camp.


Why are you planning on getting your CPSM Certification?

I believe it will add to my credibility as a marketer in the AEC industry.

Jamie Harvie
Marketing and Communications Specialist

jla|public involvement  

What is the biggest benefit of participating in the CPSM Boot Camp? 

The CPSM Boot Camp gave me the opportunity to interact with and learn from other marketers, both at my level and much more experienced. All those people made it collaborative and super fun!  

Stephanie Doeing-Nicoletti
Associate, Marketing Manager

Soderstrom Architects

What is the biggest benefit of participating in the CPSM Boot Camp?

Accountability and support! Learning alongside other people helped me stay on track and avoid procrastinating.

Would you recommend the CPSM Boot Camp and why?

Yes!  It's a fantastic resource to be able to hear from other people who have received their certification and learn their strategies for the exam. The boot camp also encouraged me to read the books, which I may have found ways to put off. It was so helpful to read and collect my questions, then bring them in to the group to get their insights and answers.

Why are you planning on getting your CPSM Certification?

I want to be more rounded and better informed as a marketer, and learn what the industry best practices are. My role can often focus heavily on proposals and collateral, but I think it is important to learn about other areas of marketing that I will eventually be spending more time on.

Good luck to our boot camp graduates as they prepare for the CPSM exams! To learn more about the boot camp and how you can participate, please visit our CPSM Certification page.

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