Event Recap: Marketing At Low Tide

Last week, attendees joined for SMPS TALKS: Marketing at Low Tide, presented by Allison Tivnon, Marketing Director and Partner at ECONorthwest. Allison presented on how AEC firms can prepare for market downturns and recessions before they arrive. She began with an overview of our current economic outlook, which looked at recession statistics since WWII, and emphasized our most recent recession ending in June 2009. From there, Allison explained why economists believe the risk of the next recession is increasing, although exact timing is debated within the field. She then focused on three key recession indicators, what to look for, and how those indicators impact the AEC industry. 

The second portion of her presentation discussed why firms dependent on B2B business development shed their business development/marketing staff primarily before other staff. She offered this as a reason: “because [AEC firms] forget that they are a brand first and a service provider second.” Allison finished her presentation with tangible steps firms can take to not only protect their business development/marketing staff, but how an entire firm can survive and create profitable opportunities during low tide.

Allison has shared the slides from her presentation. You can view them here on Dropbox.

Allison Tivnon

Marketing Director & Partner, ECONorthwest

As Marketing Director and Partner for ECONorthwest, Allison Tivnon oversees internal and external marketing operations, branding and messaging, and guides firm-wide strategy for business development and outreach. Having been in the industry for over 10 years, Allison draws on an extensive network of colleagues within the A/E industry to create meaningful connections with teaming partners and agencies. ECONorthwest is an economics, finance, and planning firm, headquartered in Portland.


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