Recapping David Lecours' Storytelling Workshop

David Lecours, Principal at LecoursDesign, presented to SMPS Oregon members about the power of storytelling in the A/E/C industry in our first event of 2019. Kicking off the three-hour workshop with a story about how his firm found its focus, David continually demonstrated how story can be used as an effective marketing tool. He explained how story allows the audience to become both physically and mentally receptive to the point the teller is trying to make.

Good storytelling shares emotion, energy, and passion. David encouraged attendees to show vulnerability when telling stories to allow the listener to open up and share their own pain points. He explained how to make stories “sticky” by using dialogue and cadence to engage listeners.

In the second half of the workshop, attendees were encouraged to craft what David called the “three stories you must tell.” These included:

  • About Me
  • About My Firm
  • Whom We’ve Helped

Using the provided worksheet, attendees mapped out these stories to see how they could be presented most effectively. Attendees were encouraged to share their stories within their group and receive feedback.

Attendees left the event with a stronger understanding of how to use storytelling as a marketing and business development tool. More information and additional resources on this topic can be found on David’s website at

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