CPSM Study Program

Interesting in pursuing your CPSM credential but want a little extra help? Want to study alongside other people who will support you and hold you accountable? SMPS Oregon is collaborating with SMPS Seattle to hold a monthly study session!

Join us for this recurring program to:

  • Learn more about the CPSM program
  • Learn about the Domains of Practice, the six core areas of focus for Professional Services Marketers which form the foundation of the CPSM certification program
  • Connect with resources to help you study on your own or with others
  • Review practice exam questions with other people who are studying, and learn about the correct and incorrect answers
  • Meet other individuals who share your goal of taking your career to the next level!

These sessions will occur monthly, generally on the second Thursday of the month from Noon – 1:30pm. Here is the upcoming schedule of sessions:

October 15th(pushed a week due to Build Business) – Domains 1&2
Nov 12th – Domains 3&4
Dec 10th – Domains 5&6
Jan 14th – All Domains / General Overview
Feb 11th  – Domains 1&2
Mar 11th  – Domains 3&4
Apr 8th  – Domains 5&6
May 13th – All Domains / General Overview
Jun 10th – Domains 1&2
Jul 8th  – Domains 3&4
Aug 12th – Domains 5&6

To register for these study sessions, please contact Erin Hatch, SMPS Seattle CPSM Chair at [email protected].

* These study sessions will be recorded. By registering for these events you consent to audio and video recording and their publication on SMPS Seattle’s and/or SMPS Oregon’s website, social media, or YouTube channels.

For more information about becoming a Certified Professional Services Marketer (CPSM), contact Carly Schaefer, SMPS Oregon Director of Professional Development.

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