Resources for Managing Stress

April is home to one of many worthy national recognition months: Stress Awareness! Although the start of spring has revitalized spirits and hopes, stress is still a persistent, day-to-day battle. With stress from work, home, and other avenues, it’s necessary for individuals to give themselves time to de-stress after a busy day. It’s easy to research articles about how to reduce stress, but it can be harder to actually implement those ideas, or find ways to incorporate them in the middle of a stressful situation.

Below are a few activities to help relieve stress now and in the longer term, as well as other de-stressing ideas from SMPS Oregon members!

1. Meditating with Jellyfish

Highly-touted stress-relief tactics often include moving away from your computer (or screens in general), but for those days when you need to stay on a computer, throwing on a live stream of jellyfish can provide you with a meditative scene to help you decompress.

See these jellyfish (as well as Moon Jelly’s, otters, or birds) at any hour of the day, courtesy of the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s YouTube channels.

2. Goat Yoga

Goat Yoga, that is, yoga practice while goats run around you, is more of a far-reaching goal for stress-relief than a regular everyday option. That said, in case your usual yoga practices are losing their appeal, goat yoga might provide the break you need to completely take your mind off work or everyday life stresses. This particular yoga class is located in Oregon City, where the owners provide other events and Happy Hours to deliver animal therapy.

3. Everyday Practice

The Greater Good in Action center based in UC Berkeley has a variety of articles and 5-minute practices to work towards self-compassion, mindfulness, acceptance of stressful events, and how to relieve stress! One of their practices, titled Gaining Perspective on Negative Events urges participants to analyze feelings without ruminating on them, and bringing in more anxiety. This center also has practices for kids and families! View more of their works at: Greater Good in Action.

SMPS Oregon Member Suggestions

From Kat N.

  • Take a long walk around my neighborhood blasting music.
  • Wrap myself in a blanket like a burrito and watch cartoons (very mature).
  • Read a trashy book.
  • Do a short Pilates workout online

“The most important thing to me when I’m starting to feel stressed is to completely disconnect from thinking about absolutely anything to do with work, and really lower the expectations I put on myself. So instead of 'clean the whole house' it’s more like, 'just tidy up the vanity.' It usually turns out that I want to do more but if not, then at least a little bit of progress has been made on the things that are important to me.”

From Cassie C.

“Marketing is a very fast-paced profession and in a single day you likely work on multiple projects, which is mentally exhausting. The work is also very deadline-oriented with new projects popping up quickly and having tight turn-around times. It’s a recipe for stress. For me, disengaging my brain after work is the key to managing my stress. I like to play video games, read recreational books, or watch television. These are pretty standard methods of relaxing, but giving my brain something light, fun, or easy to focus on really helps me to recharge.”

From Russel K.

“Getting away from digital content! Reading a book or being outside.”

From Leah L.

“Going on a walk with my dog.”

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