Member Spotlight: Vicki Menard

What is your current role, and your favorite aspect of your job?

I’m the Marketing and Communications specialist for Todd Construction, one of the top 15 commercial general contractors in the Portland Metro area. I love that our company was founded in Oregon in 1942 and some of the founder's grandchildren are project managers within the company. My favorite aspect of the job is telling stories — through words, pictures, and graphics — about the buildings we build and the people who build them. I also love learning about the history of our company because Todd has built so many unique structures over the years.

As a member, how has SMPS helped you in your career development?

SMPS is a friendly, welcoming group of people that has helped me make connections within and learn more about the AEC industry. I’ve benefitted from local networking and educational events, roundtables, and mentors as well as the resources made available online, such as webinars, job boards, and directories.

What is one of your favorite productivity tools, technological or not, that makes your work day easier?

My smartphone is crucial, for the ability to take photos, post to social media, check email remotely, use the calendar, call or text my colleagues, take notes, shoot video, and use GPS to find my way around.

If you could name a favorite quote, what would it be?

I’ve generally gone with:  “That which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.” It sounds somewhat morbid now, but I guess that’s how I looked at my earlier life as a single mom raising twin daughters while editing a daily newspaper and running 10Ks and half-marathons. Today, I like any quote that reminds me to appreciate each day, enjoy small blessings, and spread sunshine to others.

What is a recent book that you have enjoyed? Why?

I’m reading Rinker Buck’s The Oregon Trail: A New American Journey. I’m enjoying it because my own family traveled the Oregon Trail by wagon train to settle in Oregon in 1843. I’m learning a lot about what life was like for them and I’m inspired by the writer, who shares my previous career as a journalist.

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