New Book Release! Marketing in Low Tide by Allison Tivnon

In 2020, the longest period of economic expansion in U.S. history came to a grinding halt. Caught off guard by years of growth and record-breaking profits, architecture, engineering, and construction firms are now reeling and wondering how long the recession will last and how severe the financial impacts will be. 

During the Great Recession of 2008-2010, many A/E/C firms made deep and devastating cuts into their Marketing departments. These short-sighted 'cost-saving' measures caused waves of layoffs of marketing professionals across all job categories and levels of seniority. This type of extreme ‘disinvestment’ in marketing resources hinders a firm's ability to position in the hyper-competitive landscape of a recession. It also increases the likelihood of a loss in market share to competitors who didn't make such cuts. 

Allison Tivnon, a longtime member of SMPS Oregon, recently completed the book-version of her presentation Marketing at Low Tide: How to Recession-Proof Your Marketing Department. On sale October 19, 2020, this book explores how to pivot marketing activities and priorities during the transition from an economic expansion to a recession. It also delves into the motivations and perceptions that drive firm psychology and that can lead to disinvestments in marketing resources when ‘the tide goes out’. 

Starting October 9th, books may be purchased at, Amazon, Barnes &, and through all other major book retailers. 

Congratulations, Allison! To see her book in action, please join us for the Marketing in Low Tide presentation on November 19

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