November Favorite Five

We have scoured the internet so you don’t have to. Check out our five favorite A/E/C marketing articles from November 2019.

“An overview of the Americans with Disabilities Act and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and what they mean for websites and the different levels of compliance, as well as resources you can use to check the accessibility of your own website.”

The modernization of a Portland, Ore., school addresses societal concerns | John Caulfield, Building Design + Construction

“Bullying, unintended segregation, privacy, and gender neutrality all factored into the redesign and upgrading of Grant High School.”

“Every business I know creates content, and for various reasons -- exposure, engagement, authority and sales, to name a few. But very few do it well. So, what are the secrets?”

“Monitoring the competition’s content marketing efforts is an essential step for brands developing their own content marketing strategy.”

“Video is getting hotter by the day, becoming the most popular of mediums for content marketing, and marketing in general. If you're considering using video, here are seven tips to help you build a solid video marketing campaign.”

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