Fat-Free Gracewriting

January 21, 2021
11:00 AM - 12:30 PM


Wimpy writing just doesn't get results! Gracewriting® teaches you to write with power by being clear, concise and correct. We help you write with grace by putting your reader's needs first.

In today’s lightning-fast business environment, no one has time to read wordy emails, confusing reports or jargon-filled letters. It’s just good business to write succinctly and correctly, creating energized documents that connect with the reader.

This Graceworks workshop involves a lot more than putting pen to paper. We interact. We experience. We compete. What does that have to do with better writing? Everything! Be ready to be big and bold as you experience Gracewriting®.

Learning Objectives

  1. Make the Human Connection® by putting your reader first. It’s not about you; it’s all about them!
  2. Tap into the power of the English language by replacing weak verbs, nouns and adjectives with strong action verbs. Powerful language is persuasive language.
  3. Write to express ideas in a simple, clear manner by eliminating time-wasters like unnecessary words, stuffy clichés and unfamiliar jargon.

Keynote Speaker

Judy Straalsund, Freedom Finder with Graceworks, has served firms ranging from HOK and Skanska to Hewlett Packard and the Portable Sanitation Association (i.e., the “Porta-Potty” folks) for more than 20 years. Providing creative solutions for a variety of programs, Judy is a dynamic combination of experienced presentation coach, corporate trainer, artistic director, and mountaineering guide. She’s a born leader who helps people achieve their best.

Based in Portland, Oregon, Judy also heads up our Gracewriting® Division. A published author and playwright, Judy is a master storyteller who also provides copyediting and quality assurance services for firms like Kodak, Nike and Intel. To top it off, she’s a trained practitioner of Whole Brain® Thinking and would love to talk with you about writing proposals with your whole brain!

Judy is geeky about everything from prepositions and punctuation to persuasive writing and corporate presentations. She’d love to help you find your inner geek too!

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