If you're searching for a more intimate setting to connect with your SMPS peers, join one of our many roundtables! The SMPS Oregon Chapter offers members a valuable opportunity to connect with other chapter members in small group settings—through the roundtable program.
Roundtables are groups of 12-15 members around the state who meet regularly to discuss topics of interest, issues they face in their jobs, and best practices. Facilitated by experienced marketing/business development professionals, these groups provide a unique opportunity to learn from each other and cultivate relationships with others in our field. Round tables create an opportunity to participate in a committed mentoring environment that nurtures openness and trust.
Who can join a round table?

Our roundtables are a member-only benefit.

How can you find out more about round tables?

Contact our Professional Development Director, Kelly Johnson. She will happily help you get started.

Current SMPS Oregon Chapter Roundtables

Balancing Act Roundtable

Focus: This group is for marketers who often wear many hats and work alone as the sole marketer in their office or firm. 

Facilitator Contact: 

Nick Tahran, Harper Houf Peterson Righellis


Business Development Roundtable

Focus: If you currently assume the role of business development and have at least 5 years of experience, this group is for you. Topics will cover creating opportunities to interact with your clients, getting buy-in from the ownership for your BD vision, exploring the differences and overlaps between “business development” and “marketing,” and much more.

Facilitator Contact: 

Allison Tivnon, ECONorthwest


Coordinators Corner (aka “Marketer’s Therapy Roundtable” )

Focus: Target group is marketing coordinator, senior coordinator, proposal coordinator, etc. Example focus areas include the challenges and advancement of positions that are coordinator and proposal based (e.g. proposal strategy, storyboarding, info graphics, event planning, social media/communications, proposal tracking, RFP response topics, managing proposal groups, keeping schedule, etc.). Actual topics TBD by the group.

Facilitator Contact:

Alexandra Orozco, Urban Resources Inc.


Rachel Charlton, PBS Engineering and Environmental, Inc.



Leaders Unite

Focus: Target group is marketing managers, directors, CMO’s, principals, those who oversee marketing or business development activities, or hold marketing leadership positions within their firm. Example focus areas include challenges and advancement of leadership issues (e.g. marketing planning, team management, metrics and measurements, internal marketing, leadership transitions, communication for HR/recruiting/retention, etc.). Actual topics TBD by the group.

Facilitator Contact: 

Kim De Alba, CPSM, Interface Engineering 



Mentorship Roundtable

Focus: SMPS Members who are new to SMPS and/or new to services marketing are invited to join our SMPS Mentorship Program. During the year, members of the program will participate in group discussion, as well as engage in one-on-one mentorship with senior members of our chapter. This group is ideal for those who are just entering the field or are trying to grow from an entry level to next level position. Topics covered vary from the basics of marketing for the AEC firm to personal growth and career development (exact topics to be determined by the incoming mentee group).

This program needs both mentees and mentors to succeed, so senior marketers please consider joining as mentors as well. We are excited to be freshening up this program next year, so we encourage all mentees who feel this will meet their needs to join, and we also encourage all mentors to volunteer to guide a mentee (including those who may have in the past felt they couldn’t commit due to bi-monthly meeting times). To join (as a mentor or mentee) please contact Alexi Meuwissen and Samantha Jordan to let them know you are interested in participating. Please indicate if you would like to be a mentee or mentor.

Facilitator Contact: 
Alexi Meuwissen, Bremik Construction and 


Samantha Jordan, Emerick Construction



Senior Marketers Roundtable

Focus: For marketers or marketing managers with 7+ years of experience to share best practices in marketing and professional development as senior members of their firms’ marketing team.

Facilitator Contact: 

Nicole D. Haman, CPSM, LEED AP, AKS Engineering & Forestry


We hope that there is a roundtable for everyone. Members may join throughout the year if space is available. If you have ideas of future roundtables or if groups are so full that we need to consider a second group, let’s chat. Email Kelly Johnson, 3J Consulting.